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Ludde Entertainment has been your provider of musical joy and quality since 2001. I, Ludvig "Ludde" Lindholm, am an experienced solo artist and troubadour with a deep passion for music and events. With my background from the music institute in Raseborg as a child, the Lärkkulla pop & rock line in Karis/Raseborg, and three years on the music line in Enköping, Sweden, I am well-equipped to deliver a memorable experience.


Luddes Solo

As a solo artist, I offer both singing and guitar performance, making it perfect for smaller events where you want to enjoy a troubadour. Despite my solo performance, I manage to get the audience going, create dancing and sing-alongs, and fill the room with joy and energy. That's precisely what I strive for – to deliver an engaging musical experience, even when I'm alone on the stage.

Dynamic duo 

With the troubadour duo, you get me on vocals and Tomi West on the guitar. It's an excellent solution for smaller gatherings where you want to create a pleasant atmosphere and keep the party going! Together, we fill the room with music and joy. Our dynamic duo is here to make your event even more special and memorable. Contact us today to book us for your event!


Our Trio, Helt okej.

Our trio consists of Ludde Lindholm (vocals, guitar), Ingemar Mattsson (cajon), and Tomi West (guitar). A perfect match for smaller spaces where the party lasts all evening.

Our band, Cover It.

For a true party atmosphere, the Cover It band is the optimal choice. With Ingemar Mattsson on drums, Ludde Lindholm on vocals, John Westerlund on bass, and Tomi West on guitar, we guarantee the best possible experience for your audience.

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Ludde Entertainment offers a broad repertoire of music, ranging from "golden oldies" to some of today's most popular songs. This includes timeless classics from the 1950s to the 1980s, iconic pop and rock hits, as well as modern favorites. In addition to this, they add their own unique twist to the songs, creating an energetic atmosphere and keeping the audience entertained with up-tempo tunes. Besides getting you to dance and sing along, I have experience in setting the right mood for more contemplative occasions such as funerals, baptisms, and church weddings. Regardless of the type of music you prefer, Ludde Entertainment is ready to create an unforgettable musical experience for you. Let's Rock n Roll!

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